Group tutoring classes, web chat tutoring, and numerous other educational fads simply do not compare to in-home one-on-one Spanish tutoring. You simply cannot learn the basics of the Spanish language via Skype or a computer program. The progress a New Jersey Spanish Tutor can make with one student in a short amount of time is phenomenal when compared to group instruction / tutoring. In a group, your child simply cannot obtain the attention he or she may require. With other commercial Spanish class companies you are never guaranteed the same instructor and you are receiving a generic education. With New Jersey Spanish Tutor, you will always have the same instructor which will build rapport between the teacher and student. You will also receive a customized Spanish education geared towards your goals and needs.

Only one type of Spanish language tutoring service is offered…one-on-one Spanish instruction. For added savings, New Jersey Spanish Tutor will instruct multiple students simultaneously. Class sizes larger than 4 are not available since each student will not receive the one on one time with a tutor necessary for advancement.

1-2 Students Simultaneously 3-4 Students Simultaneously
1 hour – $85.00 1 hour – $115.00
1.5 hours – $115.00 1.5 hours – $135.00
Pre-pay for (4) 1 hour sessions – $300.00 *
Pre-pay for (4) 1 hour sessions – $375.00 *


New Jersey Spanish Tutor offers the student value for their dollar. With each lesson, the student will have online assignments customized to their specific goals. Whether you need extra practice conjugating verbs or vocabulary memorization, we will design fun and interactive online activities for you to complete outside of your lessons. Creating a personalized education is our main goal. If your child is currently taking classes at the middle or high school levels, our tutors will contact their teacher to obtain their current curriculum.

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** $300.00 prepaid rate is valid within a 10 mile radius of each tutor’s location.

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