Why Study Spanish?

Why Study Spanish?

Spanish is one of the predominant languages in the world and is already becoming widely used in the United States. The number of Spanish speakers worldwide has surpassed 300 million spanning 22 countries.

– Learning Spanish expands one’s cultural awareness allowing for better interpersonal relationships in the business world. In addition, the ability to pack your bags and visit a foreign country is only one of the many ways learning Spanish adds to one’s personal confidence.

– Major employers are demanding more Spanish speaking employees to handle their expanding markets. Bilingual on a job application is always a plus. Businesses consider bilingual employees to be more marketable in a constantly changing world. No one wants to lose out on a business opportunity because of a language barrier.

– 4 year colleges and universities require at least two consecutive years of a foreign language. Students who complete three or more consecutive years of Spanish have a greater chance of being accepted into more competitive colleges and universities.

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